marneshia 3Marneshia McInnis walks in pursuit of wisdom. And she works hard to exercise what she hears from the atmosphere. This post was the fruit of some strategic soul searching. There is a great exercise at the end! Make sure you do it.

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and this is your own self.” Aidous Huxley

Marneshia McInnis

Do you self-sabotage?

Are you unconsciously destroying everything that God is trying to do in your life? Do you continue to create unwanted results by holding on to your past? Is it your paradigm that you haven’t altered? Certainly. It must be.  Or is it something else that lies beneath that is causing these unwanted behaviors…the brute from within.

These are the questions I sometimes ask myself when I observe my behaviors after I’ve made a mess of things in my life. Yes! Can you believe it?? The perfectionist who has constantly strive for more actually makes a mess of her life.  Yes, I sometimes do! But it’s through my failures and constant self-study that I’ve arrived at this place of self-awareness.  The feeling is liberating.  As you read this, I want you to know that you can do the same thing and feel just as liberated and at peace as I feel even after you’ve sabotaged some things in your life. Rather knowingly or unknowingly.  As we reflect on past relationships, opportunities we didn’t act upon, rejection, overspending, unwanted debts we’ve accumulated and tons of other unwanted experiences we can be certain that we all relate in some way or the other.  So let’s take a quick second to ask ourselves this quick question.

Am I sabotaging what God wants to do in me and through me?

I know this isn’t a question that you hear at Starbucks or at the barber shop, but I want you to ask.  When you’re alone and journaling your thoughts.  If you don’t journal from time to time, please do it’ll help you create a peace of mind as well.  As you are rested and are in a moment of self-reflection ask yourself this question.  What is the first answer that comes in your mind?  Is it no, or is it yes?

If your answer is yes, you can be assured that the fact that you’re now aware of this places you light-years ahead on the awareness track because so many people lay dormant.  They are not aware that their habits, most of which are created in their childhood, are the cause of their problem.  So they go to the grave never realizing why they never broke the chain of debt and lack in their life. Or why they didn’t leave an inheritance for their children’s children. Or why they didn’t write that book or create that business.  Or why didn’t they maintain a healthy body or marriage. These are so many questions that we at times think of rather we’re young or old.  Life is for the living.  So are you going to choose to live today by being honest with yourself about your learned habits or are you’re going to deny the brute from within?

Day 1 Action Plan:

Write down your answer to the question.

‘Am I sabotaging what God want to do in me and through me?’

After you answer the question, write below a few habits that you’ve noticed about yourself that you know they’re not desirable, but you do them anyway. Be totally honest.


LISTEN UP! After you do this remain POSITIVE! Remember our failures make us that much better. It’s about having a positive perspective.  This is not to destroy or belittle yourself. This is to help redefine the image of yourself. I want to help you create a better Self-Image!